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Flying Geese Trim Cutting Ruler (With Instructions)

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Calling All Geese Ruler - This is a truly amazing trim tool. It's easier and more precise than any other method.No need to buy multiple geese rulers.

Calling All Geese Includes Modern Migration! A great tool for creating flying geese. It combines all the sizes of geese into one. Easy to use ruler....From a 1"x 2" finished geese, to a 5" x 10" finished geese.

How to Use Geese Ruler Trim Cutting Ruler


Material: Acrylic 3mm Thick


Small (8inch can cut 1"*2"~3"*6" finished block)

Medium (10inch can cut 1"*2"~4"*8" finished block)

Large (12inch can cut 1"*2"~5"*10" finished block)

Package List:

Flying Geese Trim Cutting Ruler+ Manual