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Scrap Crazy Templates Quilt Ruler (With Instructions)

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Use our Scrap Crazy Templates Quilt Ruler like a professional to sew gorgeous and unique quilts!
Making a quilt has never been easier, taking the Scrap Crazy Templates Quilt to a new level of creativity!

"We always think that each handmade item is a creation of love and skill and the artisan uses all their abilities to create a beautiful item that celebrates their craftsmanship, that is why we understand the value of each piece.


Use the fabric & cloth scraps for quilting gorgeous patterns. All of the pieces can be cut from those odd-sized scraps in your stash or stack fabrics and cut multiples in a matter of minutes.

It is easy to make a whole quilt without you wasting time measuring, and feel free to add more design options and combine them again in such a very personal way of piecing.

To make the stars shine, select fabrics with high contrast and a variety of textures. Fabrics should all portray the same mood.

The best scrap solution - Can create lots of gorgeous patterns on your patchwork, quilt, sheet, mat, etc. The possibilities are endless for quilts of all sizes.

Perfect for DIY Quilt Projects! - Such as pillows, table runners, rugs, and much more quilting projects for easy adjustment of the angle, shape, or size you want.


Material: Acrylic 3mm Thick


Small :Makes an 6" finished block.

Medium :Makes an 8" finished block.

Large :Makes an 10" finished block.

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Scrap Crazy Templates Quilt Ruler + Manual