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Wonder Knitter - Traditional Spool Knitter

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Setting Up Your Wonder Knitter:

Step One: Place the end of your yarn through the center of the Wonder Knitter from the top and out through the bottom of the cylinder.  You may find step two easier if you hold the end of the yarn with your pinky finger or between the cylinder and your hand that’s holding the Wonder Knitter.

Step Two: Wrap the yarn around each pin on the disc clockwise.

Step Three: After wrapping the pins, place the yarn in the yarn guide (this yarn will be referred to from now on as the “working yarn”.  I like to hold the yarn between my index finger and middle finger of the hand that’s holding the cylinder to help me maintain tension.

Knitting with Your Wonder Knitter:

Step One: Use your thumb to turn the disc clockwise so that the working yarn is above the yarn that’s wrapped around the next pin.

Step Two: Insert the green loom knitting tool tip from top to bottom to scoop the loop up and over the working yarn on the pin and over the top of the pin and drop it behind the pin.  That’s your first stitch knitted. If your working yarn is below the loop on the pin, push the loop on the pin so that it rests below the working yarn before you knit your stitch.

Step Three: Turn the disc clockwise to work the next pin.  In the same manner as noted above, scoop the bottom loop that’s on the pin over the working yarn and drop it behind the pin.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 until your piece reaches the desired size/length.


Finishing Off:

Cut your working yarn, leaving a tail of at least 5 – 6 inches (or longer depending on what you’ll be using your project for). With the working yarn placed over the yarn on the first pin (as if you are knitting it), place the tip of the loom tool under the yarn loop on the pin, from bottom to top and pull the working yarn under the loop on the pin.  Repeat this with each pin around and then use the loom tool to remove your project from the loom.  Alternatively, you can thread your tail onto a tapestry needle and weave the end under the loop on each pin before removing it from the loom.  Pull on the end of your working yarn and cinch the top of your project closed.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are excited to get started using your Clover Wonder Knitter.